hmReports (4D)

You need amazing reports, invoices & documents? Do it with hmReports!

hmReports is a new plug-in developed by heubach media, Hamburg, Germany for 4th Dimension.
hmReports (build 16397) provides you a powerful tool to create, edit and print graphics and reports.

The following features are included:

  • Create reports without any programming knowledge
  • Import, edit and export SVG documents
  • Open storage format of the report-blob (XML)
  • Create vector graphical documents
  • Modern graphical API with multiple gradients, alpha/opacity support and antialiasing
  • Create Text, Rectangles, Lines, Bezier curves, Arcs, Path, Pictures and Freehand objects
  • Support of Styled Text
  • Support of stepless zoom
  • View and edit multiple reports in one hmReports-area
  • Callback routines to manage events
  • Break processing with sections
  • Editable Preview
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo support
  • Support of multi pages
  • Support of layers
  • Access to the database, array, array-elements and variables
  • Add scripts to objects and sections
  • Integration of 1D Barcodes, 2D Barcodes and stacked Barcodes (over 60 types)
  • 64 bit Plugin (for 4D v12 Server 64 bit on Windows)
  • Supported languages of the GUI: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese

  • Automatic Line Height

hmReports supports automatic line height depending of its content. In this case, all other objects can be automatically moved or resized.

One is not enough

hmReports does support multiple detail sections. Now you can create reports with real multiple subdetails. For example, you are able to create a report with three detail sections (also headers and footers): With hmReports you can easily create a customer list with its invoices and for each invoice its position.

Graphic Editor

With hmReports you can create high quality graphics. With the support of layers and groups, you can edit complex graphics very easily. Of course you can open, edit and save SVG documents as well.



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K's Room について...

K's Room は 1997年に設立し、当初は 4D の販売とアプリケーション開発を永年続きましたが、 4D に不信感と限界を感じたところで新たな開発環境を探しました。最初は RealBasic などで多数のプログラムを作成しましたが、 Web系アプリケーション作成には使えませんでした。そこで Web アプリケーション開発の王様 Java 言語と出会い、オブジェクト試行などの開発に恋しました。 いろいろ検討したところで Next 社が開発されている WebObjects フレームワークに今日まで取り組み、最高に幸せな開発環境を手に入れました。